Graphic Art Design – A Closer Look

Graphic Art or graphic design refers to both the process of designing for communication creation and the design products generated. With Jim Whalen Online’s unmatched artistic and professional skills, accentuating on visual communication and presentation to create marvelous effects. Jim Whalen Online implements traditional as well as modern methods for creating and combining symbols, images and/or words to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.

Image Creation and Photography

Jim Whalen Online holds expertise in photography, image creation, adding special effects to photos or images, doing bulk photo edits and computer aided graphic generation. Jim Whalen Online has helped in utilizing graphic art skills for magazines, advertisements, product packaging and web designing.

Logo Creation

Jim Whalen Online also designs logos and other artwork, organized text, and pure design elements such as shapes and color to impart a touch of uniqueness to the piece, be it a magazine, product packaging or other. Understanding the importance of Composition in graphic designing, Jim Whalen Online will work closely with our clients to ensure their aesthetic satisfaction.

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